Quality Control & Design

Quality  Management System:- Three tier set up for quality management has been adopted in the state as per the NRRDA guidelines for the effective and efficient monitoring of the various works being executed under PMGSY and World Bank aided projects. Two tier setup is being followed for other works viz., NABARD, CRF, STATE & NH etc.
1)  First Tier: - It includes the supervision of works by the field Engineers up to the level of Zonal Chief Engineers. The Superintending Engineer Office of field circle has been designated as Project Implementations Unit (PIU) in our State. Chief Engineers are responsible for the proper functioning of EEs under their control.
    Before starting the execution of the work, the contractor has to establish a site Material Testing Lab. for conducting the mandatory tests. Reports of the tests conducted at the site of the work are entered in the quality control register Part-1 by the field Engineers. The percentage of tests to be conducted in the presence of J.E.s, A.E.s and E.E.s should be 50%, 20% & 5% respectively as per NRRDA requirement and a certificate to this effect is recorded and a quarterly report in this respect is sent to NRRDA New Delhi .Quality Control Register Part-2 is the record of tests conducted as well as ‘No Conformance Reports’ (NCRs) and it will be maintained by the Assistant Engineers.
The Executive Engineers will verify the NCRs issued by the A.E.s and ensure that the contractors take the corrective actions promptly on these reports. The payment of the contractors is regulated on the basis of Quality Control Reports.
In addition to the above, the Engineers of the Quality Control Wing also inspect the works regularity and the inspection reports are sent to field offices for taking corrective measures.
2)   Second Tier: - The function of 2nd tier independent Quality Management is to improve the quality and effectiveness of the Quality enforcement process. The Govt. has appointed 19 No. State Quality Monitors of the rank of Chief Engineers/ Superintending Engineers (Retd), generally one for each Circle. While submitting inspection reports on the prescribed Performa, the State Quality Monitors also furnish the results of quality control tests got conducted at the site in their presence. The status of inspection reports as well as grading of works on the basis of SQMs inspection reports is further sent to SRRDA/Govt. as well as to NRRDA, New Delhi. In addition to above, the State Govt. has notified the S.E.s (Design) and S.E.s (Works) of the Deptt. as departmental State Quality Monitors.
The field staff through PIUs is required to remove the defects/shortcomings pointed out by the SQMs/NQMs and get these verified at the site during the subsequent visits of the SQMs/NQMs and then to submit the ATRs to the Q.C.Wing. The detail of the ATRs is submitted to NRRDA New Delhi by Q.C.Wing for grade improvement of the unsatisfactory works to satifactory works.
3)  Third tier: -  National Rural Road Development Agency (NRRDA) has further appointed National Quality Monitors for ensuring the Quality Assurance in PMGSY works. On the basis of the inspections and grading of the works by the NQMs, requisite necessary corrective measures are taken by the PIUs and Action Taken Reports are submitted by the PIUs/Division/Zonal offices to NRRDA through E-in-C (QC&D).
Further, on the basis of inspection reports of the officers of the Q.C.Wing, SQMs and NQMs; some common deficiencies observed are sent to zonal offices for arranging the immediate corrective action & the compliance.
Head Office, Quality Control Wing meticulously scrutinizes the inspection reports of SQMs and NQMs and sends the monthly return to SRRDA/NRRDA with copies to zonal offices for immediate compliance and necessary action.
The Quality Control Wing itself  has started inspecting all the ongoing works (Roads & Bridges) vigorously and frequently to ensure the fulfillment the Quality Assurance requirements. E-in-C (QC&D) as well as S.E.(QC&D) inspect the  works randomly in all the zones, whereas the E.E.s(QC&D) posted in all the zones conduct the inspections in their respective zones for which inspection programme is sent to them monthly.
By the office of E-in-C (QC&D). The inspection reports of Q.C.&D. wing are sent to field staff through zonal offices in order to rectify the defects and thus improve the quality of ongoing works.
This wing has also published a pocket size  ‘Quality Control Handbook’ containing the specifications, tables & requisite necessary data needed for the execution of the road construction works and the same has been issued to all the field Engineers up to the rank of Junior Engineer. Concerted efforts are being made to ensure the Quality Assurance Programme in the state.


Comprehensive Guidelines for Empanelment and Performance Evaluation of State Quality Monitors( SQMs) under PMGSY         (Press Note)new
Action taken report format of SQMs for NABARD Works
Format for information to SQM for Inspection of NABARD Works
Inspection note of works in respect of Er. B.S Chauhan , Engineer-in-Chief( QC &D)


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